Save Bozeman's Liza Kirk was a guest on "Dominick In The Morning" today. The group has filed a law suite saying that their constitutional rights have been violated by the Bozeman City Council.

Save Bozeman first came to attention when the Black-Olive apartment proposal was before the council. But Kirk explained their mission is more than just one proposed building. It's more about how the growth of how Bozeman should move forward.

Save Bozeman worries that if things continue the way they are going, our downtown area might be nothing but tall buildings circling the area. The charm gone and a mini New York City in it's place.

During the show, we talked about how parking is a major factor in any growth. The proposed Black-Olive apartment with have 47 one and two bedroom apartments would have only 40 parking spots.

"The rules involving parking must change," Kirk Explained

A gentleman who manages a Bozeman apartment complex called in and talked about how the 100 parking spots that were okay-ed for his building didn't work. The idea that one spot for each of his 100 or so apartments, was not working. The spots are all filled and residents are parking on the street, the caller explained.

Tomorrow, Save Bozeman will be in District Court John Brown's court room to ask for a permit restraining order to stop the city from moving forward with its plans. Demanding that the Commission violated Bozeman's citizens constitutional and needs to fix the problem.

Save Bozeman says they are a citizen-led, neighborhood advocacy organization of more that a few hundred people who want a say in growth in downtown Bozeman.



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