Captain Jim Veltkamp of the Bozeman police stopped by "Dominick In The Morning" today to talk about the life of a cop in our town. Bozeman doesn't have a big crime problem but as the city grows so does crime. People have a false sense of security. We don't have a lot of crime, but you still should lock you car and front door.

Someone will call if something is stolen from their car and say I didn't know this happened in our town. The officer would explain that this is his third call in the area. Lock your door.

What calls do Bozeman police hate the most? Crimes involving children, Captain Veltkamp answered. If an office has a 8 year old daughter and he responses to a call involving something bad that happened to an 8 year old girl. It effects the officer. He might take that home.

One of the best things about being a police officer in Bozeman is also the worse thing.
The force is small so all officers know each other, that's a good thing. But when something happens to any officer the whole force feels it.



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