Dominick In The Morning is proud to announce a first for Bozeman.

This week we became the first, and only station, to have live traffic reports. We call it "Eye In The Sky." Sparing no expense, Chopper 1450 takes off every morning at 6 a.m., monitoring traffic in the greater Bozeman area.

KMMS AM welcomes its newest team member Chopper Dave. His real name is Barry Johnson, and he comes from Belgrade, where he was the assistant manager at a fast-food joint before answering an ad on Craigslist to become AM 1450's new traffic reporter.

Here is a clip of of his first live traffic reports:

Chopper Dave is excited to be bringing live traffic reports to Bozeman, and the fact he only knows how to make Chopper 1450 go up and down, works out great for covering Bozeman traffic.

"I go up and down, but I still don't know how to move forward or turn. Dominick understands this because I don't have a pilot's licence. Going up and down are good enough" explains Chopper Dave.

Here's a clip of Chopper Dave questioning his job at AM 1450 KMMS

"When I saw the ad for a traffic reporter on Craigslist, I knew it was what I wanted,and the fact that I don't have a pilot's licence doesn't seem to matter, I mean how hard could it be? Making a banana split is hard, how much harder could flying a helicopter be?" The 17 and 1/2 year-old Chopper Dave smiled and said, "Plus they gave me a hat!"

"When Chopper Dave answered our ad on Craigslist, I was very excited and the fact he would take minimum wage told me what a dedicated employee he would be," Morning show host Dominick said. "It's a great day for aviation, and besides those pilot licences are highly overrated."

So tune in every morning to the only station in Bozeman with a helicopter and Chopper Dave.

Orlando/Stringer/Getty Images
Orlando/Stringer/Getty Images


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