How can a city be too white? According to the US Census the city is about seventy-five percent white.

What’s the problem? That’s less whites than the national average? What makes them too white?

They Held A Women’s March And Whites Showed Up

Actually, they had a march scheduled, but it didn’t come off. Why? Because mostly whites signed up to attend.

As everyone knows whites talking to whites is not good. The impression is elitists talking to elitists.

You’ve got to have a diversity of races in order for a women’s march to have any meaning.

You’ve got to have the have not’s talking to the haves or no cameras are going to show up.

No sound bites at 6 and 11.

It’s an exercise in futility. There’s no guilt when you talk to your own. And all marches have to be directed at the guilty or they just don’t work.

Some Final Thoughts

Perhaps the white women of Eureka failed to see if the minorities in their community are actually put upon by the plantation owning white ruling masses.

Perhaps the minorities in Eureka are doing just fine. Perhaps they don’t need a march.

Perhaps it’s why they chose to go on with their lives without any help from the seventy-five percent buttinskis.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t seem to be doing much these days perhaps you can get them to help organize a non-homogenous march.

Perhaps paying them to show up might work or is your march just another straw dog to make you feel good about your own misguided guilt?

I’m still waiting for a march to take on treatment of women in the Middle East. I guess that would be really tough to round up a diverse crowd for that one.

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