The reign of Mubarak is over in Egypt after the revolt of the nation's people about two months ago, but this resent story makes me wonder how much the country will actually change? Just this week, a simple blogger, Maikel Nabil, was sentenced to 3 years in military prison for his writings about the Egyptian military.

Egypt Military
ETHAN BRONNER - New York Times

The blogger, Maikel Nabil, 26, had assailed the Egyptian armed forces for what he called its continuation of the corruption and anti-democratic practices of Mr. Mubarak. Mr. Nabil often quoted from reports by established human rights groups.

“Maikel is the first prisoner of conscience in Egypt after the revolution,” Adel Ramadan, one of his lawyers, said in a telephone interview. “This ruling is a warning to all journalists, bloggers and human rights activists in Egypt that the punishment for criticizing the army is a sentence in a military prison.”

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