Caressa Hardy, also known as Glen Dibley, charged with killing two men near Frenchtown in 2013 and disposing of their bodies, now stands accused of attempting to hire several different people to kill the chief witness in the case.

Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst outlines the latest charges against Hardy.

“We’re coming up on the five year anniversary of the deaths of the two victims,” Pabst began. “We just filed two additional charges of solicitation to commit deliberate homicide. We’re alleging that Mr. Hardy has attempted to hire people to kill the witness that has disclosed that she saw the original homicides.

From an affidavit obtained through the County Attorney’s office, ‘In October of 2017, law enforcement began to receive information from other Missoula County Detention Facility inmates that Defendant was discussing the crimes for which Defendant is charged.  Law enforcement spoke with inmate Anton Orth, who indicated that he became Defendant’s cell mate beginning in mid-December.  Orth reported that Defendant blamed his incarceration on Witness A and stated that “I should not have let her go.”  Orth indicated he believed Witness A to be an ex-girlfriend of Defendant’s and that Defendant commonly referred to Witness A as a “harlot.”  Orth indicated that on September 18, 2017, he overheard Defendant talking to another inmate with the last name of Jameson.  Defendant offered to kill Jameson’s girlfriend if Jameson would kill Defendant’s girlfriend.

            On October 2, 2017, Defendant told Orth that Defendant was convinced that without a witness, gun and body that Defendant “will walk”.  Defendant indicated his believe that if Witness A could disappear, Defendant could go free.

            On October 16, 2017, Orth noticed that Defendant was unusually angry with Witness A, saying “I shouldna let her go! I should have done her too.” 

Hardy allegedly approached other inmates with the same request.

‘Law enforcement spoke with inmate Bryan Palmer.  Palmer indicated that he was moved into Defendant’s pod in the detention facility on October 27, 2017.  Palmer indicated that prior to his arrival, he did not know Defendant and that Defendant was housed in a cell with another inmate.  Upon arrival, Palmer indicated that Defendant approached him to discuss Defendant’s case.  Defendant blamed his incarceration on Witness A and referred to Witness A as an ex-girlfriend.’

Pabst said the charges of solicitation to commit deliberate homicide have been added to the two original counts of deliberate homicide of Thomas Korjack and Robert Orozco.

“I think the judge will be setting the trial date in a month or so, and I would anticipate the actual trial date would be set for probably late this year,” Pabst said.

Bail was originally set at two million dollars, to assure authorities that Hardy would remain in the Missoula County Jail until the trial.


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