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You know on the show, Dominick In The Morning, I have been talking about our liberal Senator John Tester. In a recent poll Tester wasn't doing so well. Montana seems to be discovering that Tester seems to care more about what Senator Chuck Schumer thinks and not the people of our state think. Tester released a television commercial claiming he is working with President Trump to "Make America great Again" ... What? Does the senator really think we are so naive that we haven't been paying attention. Didn't he recently vote to NOT spend money for the health care of thousands of Montana's children?

Remember, I haven't told you who should should get your vote for senator yet, but I will. Fighting back is Troy Downing, a combat veteran and candidate for U.S. Senate who has just released a new ad "Trumpeter or Trump Supporter?"

Downing who served two tours in Afghanistan says he is the only Republican that can beat Tester.



"Do we beat an entrenched left-wing Washington politician with another professional politician? I don’t think so," said Troy Downing, candidate for Senate. "It's time to send a warrior, a conservative combat veteran and businessman to serve the people of Montana in the U.S. Senate, we cannot afford to send another politician to make a career out of voting for special interests... I am running for U.S. Senate to beat Jon Tester. I am going to help President Trump Make America Great Again, put Montana first and I am going to fight the establishment politicians who make decisions to stay in office rather than SERVE those who elect them."

The new commercial is funny and makes a good point. Tester is not a friend of President Trump but is a big friend of Hillary and Chuck Schumer

Tester you can't fool us... That's just my opinion


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