As of January 20 Donald J. Trump completed his first year in office and one thing is glaringly clear.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, hates him. He’s brash, overbearing, rude, uncouth, a liar, a cheat, ego maniac, narcissist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, claustrophobic, a womanizer, overweight, unhealthy, senile, on the verge of Alzheimer’s, ignorant of world affairs, a total embarrassment to America, and the most incompetent person ever to be elected to be the leader of the free world. Whew. Oh, and he's nuts too.

Did I leave anything out? Makes you wonder how he ever got elected. No wonder women are marching against him.

What Effect Does A President Have On The World?

I’ve never been one to lay a lot of stats at the feet of any president. I don’t think they have that much effect on markets, your paycheck, or your quality of life.

However, some pretty amazing things have happened this year that have been missing in recent years.

  • Unemployment is at a 17 year low.
  • There have been 1.7 million jobs created.
  • African-American employment is at 17 year low.
  • Food Stamps are currently at a 7-year low.
  • Home prices are up by 6 percent.
  • We experienced two quarters of GDP growth over 3 percent.
  • Sixteen regulations have been cut by Trump for each new one put in place.
  • And, we finally got some tax relief so our businesses can compete more fairly in global markets.
  • We’ve doubled our oil production since 2008. I’ll give Obama that one.

Over 150 companies are handing out bonuses, donating to various charities, and upping their starting pay for all employees. And, those same companies are giving the Trump tax cut plan credit.

Amazon will pay $85 billion in taxes to repatriate $350 billion dollars back to the US to invest here.

Some people are trying to make the case that suddenly after 8 years of no growth the fabulous Obama policies all kick in at the same time?

Are we to believe that companies were just hording money waiting for Trump’s impeachment?

I was born at night but it wasn’t last night.

Does Trump Get Any Credit?

I’m not ready to give Trump credit for all the good economic advancements made this past year. But you do have to admit that Trump is the biggest single change in the nation overall.

One thing a president can affect is the feeling of the nation. So if everyone hates him then none of the good things should have happened. Kind of a conundrum huh?

Some Final Thoughts

To the Trump haters — congratulations you made it through the first year. Only seven more to go. I know — he’s not your president and never will be.

But he’s obviously someone’s president or a lot of the good things we’re seeing would not be happening.

I think he’s come a long way in spite of both Republicans and Democrats putting every roadblock possible in his path.

I’m pretty excited to see the second year and what effect if any Trump will have on the mid-term elections.

I try to imagine what wonders he could accomplish with a super majority in the house and senate. November is coming. The mind boggles. Comments below.

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