It’s pretty hard to think of Donald Trump as a victim but lets’ review recent events.

On the liberal side of the ledger it’s impossible to believe that Donald Trump of all people could possibly be elected president in an honest election.

So, he must have had outside help from who else — the Russians. Why them? No one seems to know the answer to that question. So, government has to look.

Enter Robert Mueller

To get to the bottom of this electoral fiasco we get the gold standard of Special Prosecutors one Robert Mueller.

A man above reproach, an impeccable reputation, in short, a political untouchable. If anyone can find Trump’s master plan it would be Mueller.

But Mueller comes up with a dead end. Not only did Trump not collude with the Russians no one in the Trump campaign did either.

To go even further Mueller also cleared every American of being involved.

Trump Part 2

Mueller finds nothing actionable on Trump. No one can go after Mueller. He’s off limits.

They (liberals) spent over two years building him up. They may call him to testify, they may not.

The next person the left can go after is William Barr. In their eyes the president’s lap dog confirmed by a biased Republican heavy senate.

They are still convinced that Donald J. Trump, this buffoon, this inept carnival barker, could never honestly attain the highest office in the land.

Congress will succeed where Mueller failed.

Enter Trump The Victim

Polls show that calls for impeachment of President Trump are going down. Trump has officially been cleared in the eyes of many Americans.

After nearly three years of certain conviction the president comes out tarnished but still in charge.

Now all of a sudden, the left are the bad guys. Unable to accept the bad news from Mueller they are sure Mueller’s $35 million-dollar investigation just didn’t go far enough.

They know there’s something there. There has to be. No other explanation makes sense.

Any other answer would simply go against the grain and not fit the narrative.

Some Final Thoughts

If the Democrats are so threatened by Trump, then the most effective course of action is to get off this dog chasing its own tail investigation and beat Trump at the ballot box with a better mousetrap.

Unless you don’t actually have a better mousetrap. Then perhaps going all in with a bad hand and bluffing is the only option left.

Either way Trump is now a victim. Someone give Ripley a call.

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