GOLDEN, CO - OCTOBER 02: Jocelyn Wallen (L) and Bethany Keupp show off boxes of signed petitions during a recent board meeting at JEFFCO Public Schools on October 2, 2014 in Golden, Colorado. (Photo by Jason Bahr/Getty Images for Civic Action)

Have you ever signed a petition in front of the post office? Even signed one online?

Added your name to one you saw on Facebook or some other social media?

Do you really believe that anyone even bothers to open those files?

And if they do what do you get in return? A form letter from your representative or senator telling you how valuable your input is.

Sort of gives new meaning to the “silent majority” doesn’t it?

Employee vs. Employer

I think our elected leaders often lose sight of who is the employer and who is the employee when it comes to the direction of our government.

They think that once they are elected they are supposed to vote our wishes, unless of course our wishes are wrong in their opinion. Then they either vote the party line or for their own re-election benefit.

Petition Wording

Have you ever wanted to start your own petition to give those leaders a well-deserved comeuppance? Well you can start your own free petition here.

Petition wording is often very one sided. “Unless your city commission acts NOW, mudslides will be commonplace in Bozeman!”

I doubt that would garner many signatures but who knows?

Some Final Thoughts

The next time you sign a petition you might want to think about where it might end up. Will your signature come back to bite you in the future?

Will your name show up on a potential donors list? Will the opposition show up at your doorstep with their petition to show you the error of your ways?

What goes around often comes around.

So please sign my petition to ban petitions unless they are good ones of course — Really cool form letter to follow.