Sometimes you want a refreshing beer, and what goes great with that? A tasty burger, of course! 

This past weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to check out Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse in Downtown Bozeman. Shred Monk officially opened its doors a few weeks ago, and Bozeman is a great coffee and beer city, so we had to try it.  

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Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse is located right next to Bozeman Spirits Distillery. It already has eight beers to choose from, and if you need a little caffeine, the coffee bar has a wide array of options. The real surprise was the full food menu Shred Monk has to offer. 

Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse via Facebook
Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse via Facebook

Everything is made fresh—and it tastes like it—including their Yukon gold chips and freshly made butter for their beer bread. But the real eye-opener was the smash burger. If you are a burger fan, you need to put Shred Monk on your radar. While Bozeman has several great places to get burgers, including Montana Aleworks, Sidewinders, and Backcountry Burgers, this one just might top the list. Their double smash burger is cooked perfectly, with all the fixings to make you rave. 

Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse via Facebook
Shred Monk Brewery and Coffeehouse via Facebook

Bozeman is no stranger to breweries and burgers but fantastic craft beer and burgers in the same place is something worth noting. Bozeman has many moving parts when it comes to new businesses opening, but this is one brewery you may want to check out. Let us know where you think the best burger in town is.

For more details, check out Shred Monk

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