I always enjoy chatting with Dr. Scott Sears from St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings on the radio. But I think this latest piece of advice may be some of his most encouraging news yet...

It only takes 10 minutes of running a week to make a positive impact to your health. Oh, and anything more than 10 minutes- meh. That's apparently the news from the latest research.

(Quick note for those of you who may not listen to the full audio clip below. He's not saying that you should only have 10 minutes of exercise for the week, rather it is referring to 10 minutes of running built into your weekly exercise plan)

Plus, could a simple over the counter pill like Advil or Aleve be just as effective at treating depression as the prescribed anti-depressant medications that are out there?

Listen to our full discussion with Dr. Sears by clicking below:



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