Bakeries are a constant source of happiness. Whether you're craving bread, pastries, or cakes, bakeries almost always have something you want. While we've got some great popular bakeries in Bozeman, did you know there are a variety of 'hidden' bakeries in the area as well? 

Bozeman has many fantastic bakeries that are staples of the community. Wild Crumb and On the Rise are two of the most well-known places to get bread, rolls, cupcakes, and more. These bakeries tend to be packed with people, and if you want a certain item, they could run out. But did you know Bozeman has many other options for custom orders, that almost guarantee you exactly what you want?

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Yes, Bozeman has many hidden bakeries, which are bakeries that run out of people's homes, or fully online. These bakeries tend to be used for celebrations or weddings and often accommodate large custom orders. So we thought we would highlight some hidden bakeries in the Bozeman area you should know about, whether you're planning a big event, or just want to order some custom treats for yourself.

  • Sweet & TarteThis hidden bakery is one I would highly recommend for a wedding. My friends used this bakery and their cupcakes and macarons were the hit of the party. Seriously! The groom stole about 40 of them to keep for later. 
  • Sister's Bakery-This bakery is one of a kind in the Gallatin Valley. Sister's Bakery is a gluten-free bakery that offers the usual fare from a bakery but also has vegan options as well. Looking at their baked goods, I want to try their Roasted Garlic Bread. 
  • The Pin Bakery-If you are looking for a great cake, this is the person to check out. Her cakes come with many different fillings, icings, and tiers and look perfect for weddings, parties, or celebrations. 
  • Shayna's Sugar Shop-I have never seen cuter cookies in my life. Shayna's Sugar Shop is out of Three Forks and makes custom cakes. These would be perfect for a birthday or any celebration. I want to order some so I can eat them at work. 
Shayna's Sugar Shop via Facebook
Shayna's Sugar Shop via Facebook
  • Sun and Sage Bakery-If you have a diet you need to stick to, this might be the bakery for you. Sun and Sage Bakery has recipes for gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and vegan diets. 
  • Home Mixin' Sweets & Treats-This adorable bakery specializes in cookies, cupcakes, treats, and cakes for weddings. Their designs and reviews are off the charts. I could eat a whole tray of their rice crispy treats.

So if you're looking to change up the pace and try something new in the Gallatin Valley, you should give one of these bakeries a try. They might become your go-to bakery for any celebrations. 

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