36th Anniversary Of Apollo 11 Landing On The Moon
The Flag Of The United States Stands Alone On The Surface Of The Moon. (Photo By Nasa/Getty Images)

Did Neil Armstrong really step on the moon or onto a movie set somewhere in Arizona with Stanley Kubrick sitting in the director’s chair?

It seems that roughly 7 percent of American’s still doubt the lunar landing of the Apollo missions in the late 1960s.

This pales in comparison to a 2016 article in the Daily Mirror in the UK reporting a survey that an astonishing 52 percent of Brit’s do not believe Americans really landed on the moon.

Apparently even living through the event didn’t help alleviate the skepticism. In the same survey 38 percent of those aged 55 or more didn’t buy the moon landing either having actually lived through it.

The 25-34 UK age group is home to the highest group of skeptics. Seventy-three percent of this age group is convinced the moon landing was faked.

Fake News; Fake Facts?

Eric Loberg, director of the Taylor Planetarium at the Museum of the Rockies, paid a visit to the morning show with Tom Egelhoff and the two discussed the various reasons why the proof of a fake landing — is fake itself.

Many of the conspiracy theorists point to things like no stars in the pictures, shadows in the wrong places, the flag waving when there is no atmosphere on the moon, and didn’t the lunar module blow all the dust away when it landed?

Loberg explained all these so called proofs of a fake landing in the audio interview at the bottom of this blog.

Some Final Thoughts

The moon landing is one of those amazing times in your life where you always remember where you were when the event happened.

That date was the beginning of Star Wars for the population of the time and we were all proud Americans being the first nation to actually walk on the moon.

Was the moon landing the real deal or was it faked?

Below is the interview with Tom Egelhoff and Eric Loberg of the Taylor Planetarium, Museum of the Rockies.

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