Every day I seem to be hit with yet one more example of human thinking going off the rails. Two weeks ago kids were eating Tide Pods and this week they’re deciding gun control mandates.

It’s the case of the inmates running the asylum on steroids.

Please Don’t Take My Culture

Culture appropriation first raised its ugly head during Halloween. You were prohibited from wearing any costume that might reflect a particular race or ethnic group.

That of course would be insulting to that race or group.

No sombreros or ninja warrior costumes allowed. Because heaven forbid you might offend an oversensitive Hispanic or Asian and send them running to therapy.

Now we’ve expanded into the artistic world of tattoos. Now you can no longer have a tramp stamp of Speedy Gonzales or that oh so wise Japanese or Korean saying on your tushy.

Buddha is banned from the body in today's over the top politically correct society.

Is “Mom” still OK? Or does mom have to be more clearly defined?

Maybe some Moms prefer Mother.

Some Final Thoughts

Just when I think I’ve seen it all — eating Tide Pods is pretty stupid — they come up with this.

Before long any expression of speech in any form and any where will be prohibited or commandeered for only a special group’s use.

Since I don’t have any tattoos I guess I’ve dodged the bullet on this one by not getting inked offensively and not even realizing it.

I was looking forward to getting a Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians baseball team on my bicep. I guess that might not work in Montana.

Lord knows I’d hate to offend anyone. Comments below.

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