Luke Combs is currently in Montana. He performed at the First Interstate Arena at MetraPark in Billings on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, he isn't playing in Bozeman this time around. His next show is in Eugene, Oregon on Tuesday, September 28.

Luke Combs is no stranger when it comes to spending time in Montana. He and his wife, Nicole Hocking enjoyed some downtime in the state in March on a fishing trip. In a recent Instagram post, Combs said that he and Nicole had a killer time in Montana.

En route to his next show, Luke Combs stopped in Bozeman. He and his crew were spotted eating breakfast at the Western Cafe on Thursday morning. Knowing that Luke is a fan of the Western Cafe makes us love him even more. He's not only a great musician, but he has great taste in restaurants as well.

Zack Mackey
Zack Mackey

Bozeman resident, and voice of the Bobcats, Zack Mackey was in the Western Cafe this morning and sent us a couple of pictures of Luke Combs having breakfast.

Do you think it's a coincidence that in one of the pictures, a Montana State Bobcat logo can be seen in the background? I think not...Smooth move, Zack.

We're don't know how long Luke plans on being in Bozeman, but we hope that he and his friends enjoy their time here. Hopefully, the next time he's here, it'll be for a concert.

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