The north side of Bozeman has few curbs and crumbling sidewalks. It’s a walking hazard during the winter months.

There are no bike lanes. There oughta be a law.

Bozeman Tariffs Could Make Things Right

All it takes to fix anything in Bozeman is money. The problem is Bozeman doesn’t have enough. They can patch things up piecemeal but real radical improvements are off the table. Tariffs could be the answer.

Granted, tariffs are going to be a hard sell to a predominantly liberal city commission. They would have to weigh the good of the community against a Trump tool.

I can see them passing the Pepto-Bismol around now. It would take more than a spoonful of sugar to make that medicine go down.

But what if it worked?

How Would Tariffs Work In Bozeman?

The first item of business would be to fleece two groups of freeloaders. Tourists and all those living outside the city limits who beat up the streets and use our city services every day.

We already impose a tariff of sorts with resort taxes, bed taxes, and rental car taxes. Why stop there?

The first order of business would be to issue Bozeman ID cards. Yes, I know ID’s are a bad word but what if that ID card meant you pay less for nearly everything you buy in Bozeman?

The out of towners would pay the big bucks for food, gas, booze, and anything else they purchased in town.

I like the idea of an outsiders sales tax type tariff.

This could produce big bucks for Bozeman to attack our major infrastructure challenges.

Some Final Thoughts

The downside of Bozeman tariffs might be a growing black market in the sale of ID cards and the most popular commodities customers buy.

But perhaps a wall could reduce some of those criminal activities. Bozeman could use a wall for sure. Tourists could just pay a flat rate tariff to enter Bozeman much like an entry fee to Disneyland.

I think the city commission is really missing a cash cow here. I think Trump might have the right idea.

Could we fix Bozeman with tariffs? What’s your opinion? Comments below.

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