Riots and bloodshed in Charlottesville happened this weekend. It started because states around the United States are removing Confederate memorials and statues. Some people think monuments to a group of people that tried to destroy America and was for slavery is and was a mistake.

But what does Montana feel? I'm not sure. You may be shocked to learn that Montana has, according to historian James W. Loewen, has the only Confederate monument in the Northwestern United States.

Some might think of that as an honor others as a disgrace. On my show today, Dominick In The Morning, I was very surprised to learn about 95% of my callers want to keep the Confederate monument and would be angry if it was removed.

I was even surprised to learn some callers seem to be upset the South didn't win the Civil War. As someone who is happy the North won the war and looks at Confederate monuments as disrespectful to Black Americans and Yankees, like me, I was accused of being a "liberal" who was "part of the problem" by a caller named Sean.

So, feelings run hot on this issue. If Montana wanted to remove the only Confederate monument in the Northwestern United States, would it lead to violence?


(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


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