Do you believe in aliens, and if so, do you know how many UFO sightings have been reported in Montana?

Ufo flying at night

I'm not a professional, but I've always had an interest in extraterrestrial life forms. If you think about how vast the universe is, it's hard to imagine that human beings are the only advanced life form in existence.

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Compared to many other states, Montana has had fewer UFO sightings reported. According to, Montana ranks 39th for UFO sightings in the country with 717. The top three states for UFO sightings are California, Florida, and Washington.

Here's what said about UFO sightings in Montana

Minor-league baseball team manager Nick Mariana in 1950 captured two silver crafts spinning in mid-air over Great Falls, Montana, on his 16-mm camera. A governmental panel was gathered in 1953 to review Mariana's footage, other U.S. Air Force UFO data, and a second short film of a sighting in Utah. The panel concluded in its report that Mariana’s images were the result of sunlight reflecting off Air Force interceptors—and that the Utah footage showed light glinting off seagulls in flight.


So, the official explanation for Nick Mariana's footage was sunlight reflecting off Air Force interceptors. That could be true, but it could also be a fabricated story to keep the general public from freaking out. We may never know the real truth.

Did Nick Mariana really see a UFO in Great Falls, Montana?

The video below is a compilation of clips from the 1956 film "U.F.O.", and features footage of Nick Mariana detailing his UFO sighting in 1950.

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