There are currently zero COVID-19 cases in Montana. Twenty-six returning travelers from China have been monitored since February 1 and 19 have successfully completed the 14 day monitoring period.

Seven individuals are currently being monitored. Please find up to date information on COVID-19 in Montana at:

For up to date global case numbers:

For U.S. case numbers:

Significant changes have occurred with respect to travelers returning from China, Italy, Iran and South Korea:

New guidance from CDC on 3/4/2020 for returning travelers from countries with a Level 3 Travel Health Notice (China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea) who will be asked to self-isolate and monitor health for 14 days from the day of departure from the country:

Travelers will receive a travel card beginning 3/4/2020 with these instructions.

Note that the state will not receive notification of these individuals, so the numbers will be dependent upon those who self-identify in their communities.

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