On April 9, 2017 a 69 year-old man was dragged off a United Airlines flight. We all saw it about a million times on TV and social media.

People were outraged; talk radio spoke of nothing less for at least a week.

Now it seems congress has to get in on the act. Translated that means nothing good can come from government involvement in anything.

An Act Of Congress

The April passenger incident was a result of something called overbooking passenger seats by the airline.

The airlines decided they needed the seat and removed one of the passengers by force.

Is Congress looking into possible assault charges against the airlines? No — that will probably end up being settled in or out of court with a big payday for the passenger.

No, Congress will probably address whether or not the time honored practice of overbooking will be allowed to continue.

And where will it end? Airlines are not the only businesses that overbook.

Restaurant reservations, concert tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms are overbooked on a regular basis.

Some Final Thoughts

Here we go again with more government overreach into the business of business. Is it lost on anyone else that the five greatest inventions in history are all government taxed and regulated?

The automobile, airlines, electricity, telephone, along with radio and TV are all licensed, taxed and regulated by the federal, state, and in some cases local governments.

A couple of years ago congress felt the need to go after baseball.

North Korea, Russia, ISIS, terrorism around the world, immigration — put those on hold while we tackle this overbooking situation. People are demanding action.

Why am I not surprised at the priorities of our governing body?

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