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Tom opens with his podcast “How to Sell The Benefits Of Your Products & Services.” Then Shane joins the discussion and the topics are off and running.

First Half Hour

  • Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Q questioned Tom about why he over tipped the server (in their opinion) for his meal.
  • Should restaurants add the tip for you whether you want to tip of not? How much do you feel should be a fair tip? Do you always tip? Never tip?
  • Why can’t I tip the cashier at Walmart?
  • Why don’t CNN and MSNBC mimic Fox News? Don’t they want to be number one? Tom will tell you why they are doing it right.
  • Plus listener calls and comments on radio ratings.

Second Half Hour

  • Richard V. Reeves – British Author Brookings Institute
  • Richard wrote and opinion piece for the New York Times called Stop Pretending You’re Not RichTom took exception to his vilification of those people who have become successful in life.
  • In Tom’s opinion he’s completely out of touch with income inequality. He’s whining incessantly about the privileged classes in America.
  • A business owner puts his two cents in about being paid LAST. Also keeping good employees and the cost of doing business.
  • Why the dollar doesn’t buy what it used to.

Third Half Hour

  • Google and others getting bigger which makes your retirement, IRA or retirement fund bigger too. Will Google stock split? What about Amazon? Are we sitting on another tech stock bubble? Is the market overpriced?
  • Callers weigh in on the price of the markets and put their two cents in.
  • Quantum Easing is also discussed. Will there be a market correction? Will there be a major or minor correction?
  • What about North Korea or Tax plans or healthcare will that affect the markets?
  • Will health insurance ever be sold across state lines?
  • The callers weigh in on their thoughts about Healthcare and the euthanasia vans that come to your home in Canada.

Fourth Half Hour

  • Will Trump let Congress go home for the August recess or make them stay to do healthcare, taxes, and maybe the wall?
  • Will congress invoke the Nobility Clause of the Constitution against Trump?
  • Loretta Lynch on the hot seat with possible investigation.
  • The four major markets, sovereign debt market ($70 trillion), currencies, equity market and precious metal markets.
  • Did the Canadian who attacked the cop in the US come from one of the banned countries?
  • Callers weigh in on the quarter point raise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve. Will massive inflation be the result?
  • If interest rates are reduced will cash come back to the US?

Last Half Hour

  • Ford announcing that Ford Focus will be made in China starting in 2019.
  • Callers weigh in on local property taxes in Bozeman and Livingston.
  • Discussion about housing costs, labor rates.
  • Co-Host Shane Montalban breaks down the news outlets available across Canada.
  • Callers weigh in on the challenge of taking on local government to lower property taxes.
  • Amazon buying Whole Foods
  • In the future car dealerships will be a thing of the past. Cars will be purchased on the net.
  • Cows only eat facing one direction? We’re checking.
  • Market wrap up – stocks, inflation, unemployment, gold, oil, GDP.
  • See everyone next week. -

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