Even though all the liberals say 'he's pretty fly, for a white guy"- CNN says Joe Biden is simply too white for 2020. As for Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT), he's "also a white man" ... "nobody knows who he is."

That's according to CNN's latest 2020 Democratic presidential candidate rankings, as posted by KPAX-TV in Missoula. CNN dropped former Vice President Joe Biden from number one on the list to number three, adding this:

Biden would be a formidable foe. But his problems remain: He’s an old white middle-of-the-road Democrat in a party that is getting younger, more diverse and more liberal. Fewer than half of the Democratic nominees for the House this year are white men. Moreover, Biden seems to recognize that his time may have passed. While he hasn’t ruled out a run, he’s not locking down supporters either.



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