With 2022 coming up quickly, we all need to remember that there will be many citizens celebrating with fun, loud fireworks, and how can you blame them. 

With 2021 coming to a close in just a few days, everyone is planning out their itinerary for New Year's Eve, and I guarantee for many that include lighting off fireworks in the night sky to celebrate the new year of 2022. 

KBZK is reporting that even though fireworks sales are happening, you will only be able to light off certain fireworks this New Year's Eve. The City of Bozeman is only going to allow sparklers, fireworks that go no higher than fifteen feet, and aren't designed to explode. 

You can only light off fireworks at certain locations as well. You can light it off on the private property, but you can't light off fireworks near public parks, gas stations, or under/on moving cars. The ordinance is pretty straightforward when it comes to rules like this. 

Photo by Mike Enerio via Unsplash
Photo by Mike Enerio via Unsplash

People want to light off big fireworks like artillery shells, roman candles, and other glorious fireworks, but this New Year's Eve, you will only be able to light off what people might describe as 'lame' fireworks. The thing is, the City of Bozeman will have a firework show to fill that big, loud firework need, and many house pets will be able to rest easy this New Year's. 

Also, you are only allowed to light off fireworks in the Bozeman City Limits from 11 PM on December 31st, 2021, through 1 AM on January 1st, 2022. 

Have fun and be safe. 

For more details, check out KBZK

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