It reads to me like a movie. CIA Agents are covertly working with Libyan rebel fighters to help train them in their revolution. The decision, put into action by President Obama, speaks to Gadhafi and his supporters that the U.S. is no longer there only for protective support but for training offensive actions. Will this garner even more support for the Libyan rebels from other nations?

President Obama Addresses U.S. Involvement In Libya

NPR and Wires

The CIA has sent a small, covert team into rebel-held eastern Libya while the White House debates whether to arm the opposition, NPR has confirmed.

The operatives are in Libya to gather intelligence to help direct NATO airstrikes and to help train inexperienced rebel fighters.

"The CIA team is there to train them how to shoot, how to fight, how to have military discipline," NPR's Deborah Amos reported from Cairo. "They are joining a team of former Libyan military officers who are now training about 30,000 young Libyans in the rebel stronghold to also improve discipline, improve communications and make it into a more coherent fighting force."

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