Cheap is a relative word but if you're looking to plan an international trip out of Bozeman, I did some checking to see how far your dollars will take you.

First things first: If you don't have a Passport...stop delaying. GET YOUR PASSPORT PAPERWORK FILLED OUT AND THE PROCESS STARTED!

I search for international flights all the time. Some weeks are much better than others when it comes to finding super tempting "I'm booking this now, my job be damned" airfares but they CAN be found. From Bozeman. To far away places.

Trips need to be a reasonable amount of time and the itinerary needs to be a normal schedule. (You can occasionally run across crazy cheap looking trips only to find out you'd be in France for 3 days or something stupid...)

I also (personally) require that itineraries be on ONE airline and their partners. Piecing together flights on unrelated airlines might save a few bucks but it's a disaster when you have a travel issue.

Here's what I found so far this week: (week of 6/11/2018)

BOZEMAN TO COSTA RICA: $649 (Jan 24th - February 1st, 2019)

Bozeman to Costa Rica - Kayak

BOZEMAN TO FRANKFURT, GERMANY: $734 (October 28th - November 8th, 2018)

Bozeman to Frankfurt - Kayak

BOZEMAN TO INDIA: $997 (February 3rd - February 14th, 2019)

I included this particular airfare not because I think $1,000 isn't a lot of money but because I have RARELY EVER SEEN India from Bozeman at this price. It is usually several hundred dollars more, no matter what time of year.

Bozeman to India - Kayak

BOZEMAN TO DUBLIN, IRELAND: $765 (November 8th - December 6th, 2018)

This itinerary is for a significant amount of time BUT...planning a larger European trip with Dublin as your base is AWESOME. You'll find super cheap flights in and out of Dublin all year long then eventually come home from there. That's what I did!

Bozeman to Dublin - Kayak