McDonald's November Sales Down Lower Than Expected
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Good ole McDonald’s — A staple of the American diet for many American’s on the go. Drive through, grab a sandwich and fries, and you’re on your way to life’s next big moment.

Fast, simple, easy.

It’s often been said, “If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.”

Well it seems that McDonald’s feels the need to “fix” their signature sandwich — The Big Mac.

Two New Versions of the Big Mac on the Menu Soon

McDonald’s is currently testing new versions of the Big Mac in certain markets.

There will be a Mac Jr. with only one patty and no middle bun, the original Big Mac we all know and love that will not change, and next will be a Grand Mac.

The Grand will have more meat, and slightly larger buns.

So the three bears will be happy. Burgers not to big, not to small, and just right.

McDonald’s Violating Marketing Rules

One of the major rules in marketing is never dilute your brand. Never spin it off. Procter and Gamble know this rule all too well.

There is Tide for washing clothes but no Tide for washing dishes — that would be Cascade.

Kraft on the other hand didn’t get the message. Kraft makes mayonnaise but Hellman’s is the number one brand.

Kraft makes jams and jellies but Smucker’s is number one in that market.

But Kraft is best know for three very popular brands that have Kraft in very small letters on them — Miracle Whip, Velvetta, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Some Final Thoughts

Burger King has the Whopper and Whopper Jr. It’s much easier to make a decision between two items than three.

But in the McDonald’s case maybe it is two decisions. If you don’t want the original then your choice is the Mac Jr. or the Mac Grand.

Can’t we just stay with the Big Mac that’s been around since the 1960s? Do I really need more complications in my life?

Maybe I’ll just go to Wendy’s and get some chili.

You make the call.

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