UPDATE as of 4pm: MSU police have identified a suspect in today’s earlier reported assault. The suspect identified as a student resident of South Hedges Hall. The suspect has been arrested, charged with assault, and placed in the Gallatin County Detention Center.

This morning at 9:36am, the first of three text messages were issued by MSU authorities regarding a male wearing a Rasta themed shirt,brown shorts and flip flops entering a female bathroom and trying to enter a shower occupied by a female twice

Text Message 1: MSU Alert: Exercise caution. Keep eye out for white male 18-19. Approx 5'7". Skinny. 150-160. Brn hair chin length, grn eyes clear skin no facial hair pointed nose.

Text Message 2: (9:39am): MSU Alert 2 of 3: Male wearing a rosta (typo) colored tank. Brn shorts and flip flops. Male entered female bathroom and attempted to enter shower occupied by female twice.

Text Message 3: (9:41am): MSU Alert 3 of 3: Female struck male and he fled. Exercise caution.

UPDATE AS OF 10:21AM: ALERT UPDATE: Incident occurred in South Hedges. Please exercise caution and spread at the word. Call MSU Police at 406-994-2121 with info.

UPDATE AS OF 11:09AM: MSU Alert: cont'd 1 of 2 - Assault occurred at South Hedges Hall this morning. Second male further described as wearing black board shorts, blue and light blue tank.

UPDATE AS OF 11:15AM: MSU Alert 2 of 2 - (2nd) male had shoulder length wavy brown hair.

ALERT UPDATE: tank top, a fisherman style hat with loud Hawaiian print, and black board shorts/swim trunks. (2/3)

ALERT UPDATE: The second male suspect was reported knocking on doors, opening an unlocked door and asking to come in. (3/3)


Photo by Montana State University