Montana has been in the national news after a "wolf-like" creature was discovered and killed. The "thing" could not be identified and DNA samples were taken and sent to a Montana, Fish, Wildlife & Parks lab. The animal was first believed to be a wolf, but after specialists examined the animal they doubt it is simply a wolf.

Today KMMS AM 1450 has come across another mystery. Employees at the station have never seen a creature like this. It seems to have the head of a cat and the body of a short chubby morning show host.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Eyewitnesses who wanted to remain anonymous said they knew something was odd about this so-called animal.

Could it be a cat hybrid?

Why was it wearing pants and shoes?

Could it be a "were-cat"?

The moon wasn't full last night and according to legend if you kill a were-cat it will turn back to a human form just like a were-wolf. The cat-like creature was shot by the Dominick In The Morning show host Dominick.

As we wait for DNA on this creature the people of Bozeman, Montana are living in fear as the mystery of the wolf-like and cat-like creatures are investigated.



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