The founding fathers of the United States were not professional politicians. They didn’t intend to be. But times have changed.

Should the owner of a shoe store run a $19 trillion dollar economy?

I don’t think there is a good answer to that question.

Are You Qualified?

I’ve talked before about the qualifications for President of the United States are very limiting.

Thirty-five years of age, etc.

No college degree required, no IQ test, no written or oral examination before some panel, no psychological screening, not even drug testing.

I think most people elected to our highest office just show up and cross their fingers.

I don’t think anything prepares one to be the most powerful person in the free world.

Its People — Not Parties

I think our founders were aware of this. They felt the people would see traits in candidates that they understood and agreed with.

For the most part that’s exactly what happened. The people, not the politicians, raised those they felt were qualified to the highest offices.

Fast-forward to today and we have those who are entrenched in the political ooze and it’s almost impossible to pull them out.

They start the re-election process mere seconds after they’re sworn in. I’m not sure that’s what our founders had in mind.

They didn’t really see a need for term limits because serving your country at that time was not a job.

Voters unfortunately are more fearful of losing their current voice in Congress than expectation of electing someone new hoping they’d be better.

Better to vote for a known entity rather than make it worse by putting a wet behind the ears rookie in the system.

Some Final Thoughts

There is a good case for keeping good legislators in office. But there is also a good case for performing your service then heading back to the private sector.

For most of us the longer we do our job the better we get at that job. Is that true in politics too?

Do you get better at making laws that benefit society or do you line your own pockets?

It’s hard work to be invited to the Washington party I can understand how you wouldn’t want to leave the party early by handing your power to someone new.

Which servant of the people would you prefer?

Comments below.

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