If you are a frequent poster to Facebook or Twitter there is a pretty good chance you’ve been insulted or personally attacked somewhere along the line. This is one of the disadvantages of social networking. It may not have been justified in all cases. For the most part, people are basically good and use the net to communicate all sorts of things. Some people’s activities are very interesting while others think I would be excited to hear about the current weather on their back deck.

Cyber Bulling

We’ve all heard the tragic stories of kids being bullied online. Some of these assaults have resulted in death to the person being bullied. It seems that this type of behavior has moved up the food chain to adults who can be just as cruel as any high school clic. When it comes to discussing politics or religion on the net — the gloves really come off. Many Facebook or Twitter folks are very ridged in their beliefs and philosophies and any alternate thinking is not only not tolerated but it must be silenced at all costs.

As people begin to lose their argument on the issues then the common resort is the personal attack and name calling. Check out any controversial news story and there will usually be a “tweet” from one of the parties giving their unvarnished opinion of the opposing point of view.

Celebrity Tweets Gone Bad

Actor Gilbert Gottfried used to be the commercial voice of the Aflac Duck until he tweeted some humorless thoughts about the Japanese Tsunami. Aflac executives lost no time showing Gilbert the door. Perhaps they should have told him that Japan accounts for 75% of their business worldwide.

Stacey Dash, who played Dionne in the movie “Clueless,” was inundated with unflattering tweets and Facebook messages after her support of Gov. Romney in the 2012 election.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When Neil Sedaka wrote, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,” he had no idea that Facebook and Twitter would become the cowardly easy way to break up with your former main squeeze. Of course texting is also becoming one of the favorite “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” as well.

When celebrities break up, both feel the need to let us, their legions of fans, know that they will always respect each other and be “BFF’s.” We’ll get the real story in the check out line at the grocery store.

Some Final Thoughts

I guess it’s only human nature to argue, get in the last word, drive our thought home, etc. But isn’t it possible to have a discussion rather than an argument? I guess for some the argument is the fun in the conversation. Pushing the other guy’s buttons. Keep in mind that when speaking we often blurt something out without thinking. But with social media you are typing and have a second chance to re-read that stupid thing you are about to post. So before you hit the enter key and hurt, disappoint, or anger someone, why not rephrase whatever wondrous sliver of knowledge you are going to dazzle us with. Remember that the only emotions on a computer screen are the ones the reader applies. So think before you type.

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