The New York Times is talking about who the Democrats should run against President Trump in the next election. Our Governor Steve Bullock may be that guy.

Does the governor want to be President of the United States? We are not sure yet.. He seems to be down playing it. Reporters have been told it's "premature."

But Governor Bullock's name seems to be popping up more and more in the national media.

Did the New York Times, which is read by a lot of Democrats and liberals, just pick his name out of a hat? Maybe, but those who know how the media works will tell you someone is pushing the governor to the major media. Planting seeds.

The thing that bugs people is that politicians don't give straight answers to questions.

Governor Bullock, do you want to run for President?

Why can't people in politics just say "yes" or "no"?

Bullock just set up a committee for people to give money to him to pay for his travel to political events around the United States.

Listeners to my show, Dominick In The Morning, were asked if they would vote for Bullock if he ran for president against Trump.

While not a scientific poll, my audience members don't have a lot of good things to our governor. If it were just my listeners, Governor Bullock would lose. And lose badly.


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