Ron Murray was born and raised in Billings, Montana. He has his own business, Montana Murray Kennels, where he trains dogs. Just an average guy in Bozeman, until a few weeks ago when he decided he was going to stop complaining about the government and do something to fix it.

Murray told me about his plans. He was going to run for United States Senate. What if we followed his journey on my show "Dominick In The Morning" step by step? What is it like for an average guy to run for office?

Today was his first visit. We found out how you file to run for senator. I was surprised to learn it doesn't cost anything. I thought there would be a fee. There is a fee for a fishing license but not to run for Senate.

He has $1,000, which he gave to himself, and he is off. Murray is going to be in the Republican Party primary and says he is conservative.

A website has some of his views and a place people can donate money. Ron Murray says he won't lie and won't play political games.

I gave him some advice and he promised he wouldn't beat up any reporters, so he is off to a good start.

My listeners asked him about his views and warned Murray if he didn't sort of "bend" the truth and appeal to the masses, he would lose. Murray insists he is not going to lie or misinform he voters.

His background includes working at Albertson's, the grocery store, where Murray says he got his work ethic. Working in the Bozeman stockyards, bartending, working construction and being a volunteer with Central Valley Fire.

Murray says he has never been arrested and is not working for the Russians.

Can a average citizen in Montana who doesn't want to lie and is trying to do the right thing, win? We'll see. We are going to check in with him and follow his journey, which may lead to Washington D.C.



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