This is the third reboot of Spiderman I have seen. I must admit, when I was an actor I hung out and got drunk with Tobey Maguire. To me he was the best Spiderman. I mean he was the first. So when I went to see this "new guy" Tom Holland playing Peter Parker, the kid who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a superhero, I was sure it would stink.

I read that the role of Peter's Aunt May, who is a sweet old lady in the comic books, is being played by the young, sexy Marisa Tomei. What are they thinking? Why is everyone in Hollywood so hung up on sex? I just know they are going to make Tony Stark (Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr.) hook up with her.

I felt like I didn't even have to sit there and watch the film. They ruined Spiderman. I hear the person sitting behind me say Tom Holland, the new Parker, isn't even American. Spidey with an English accent? This is going to be a slow two-hour and 14-minute movie.

The lights go down...the lights go up. Wow, that went fast. I am shocked. This is the best Spiderman movie ever made. It's warm, exciting, smart. The villain played by Michael Keaton is human, real, a loving father who turns bad. The relationship between Aunt May and Peter is loving and honest. She wants the best for him and they didn't make her hook up with Iron Man.

This is what a superhero movie should be. I know this might sound strange, but because the characters are so three-dimensional and the performances so honest, you should make sure you don't miss this movie.

I loved it. On the Dominick Scale of 1 to 10... It's a 10.

Tom Holland is Spiderman...Tobey Who?



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