The last issue of the British tabloid, News of the World, will be published this Sunday. After admitting illegal phone tapping, the Rupert Murdoch owned publication was forced to shut down operations. This was the 168th year of publication for News of the World. You won't believe who they were stealing messages from.

Over 4,000 people are said to have been illegally tapped through their cell phones messages. The publication used knowledge acquired from politicians, celebrities, missing children, relatives of soldiers and terrorist victims to create their headlines.

It has been reported that big name companies such as Ford and Mitsubishi had already pulled their advertising from the magazine.

James Murdoch, head of European operations, said, "Wrongdoers turned a good newsroom bad, and this was not fully understood or adequately pursued."

The Murdoch empire also includes Fox Broadcasting, the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

News of the World will publish its last edition on Sunday.

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