While I was out doing some incredible Halibut fishing in Alaska with some Montana veterans, we had a great guest host on the radio- Bozeman, Montana's Tammy Hall. She's an author, a commentator, a public speaker, a wife, a mom- and an all around great American. You might even remember Tammy Hall when she introduced President Trump during a rally here in Montana.

What you may not know is that Tammy Hall wasn't born in the United States. As much as she loves this country, she wasn't born an American- she had to become one.

So what did Tammy share about "becoming an American?" She shared her thoughts on the radio before the 4th of July.

Tammy Hall: have never one day NOT felt that God has SO blessed me. Of all the places I could have had been dropped down into. He dropped me down in America, and he dropped me down into Bozeman, Montana and Billings, Montana.

Tammy was born in Canada, but grew up in the US. She thought that she was an American when she was a kid. When she eventually went through the process to become a US citizen, she had to answer a lot of questions:

Tammy Hall: I had to take a test on history and government...Have you ever been guilty of a felony? Have you ever been arrested? What was the Emancipation Proclamation, right in the middle of you need to ask and, and then he'd said it, what's the highest level of education you reached? And what are the three branches of government?

She talked about the moment she finally gained her American citizenship:

Tammy Hall: And I stood there with my hand over my heart, about 12 people from 12 different countries, and I pledged that I would let go of any alliance to my old country. And my new country I would totally love and honor and obey and respect and protect and guard from enemies inside and out. And I meant it. I meant it strongly.

Hear the full story in her own words below:

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