Now that snowy weather is upon us, the Bozeman Police Department wants to remind everyone of the snow removal rules that apply to homeowners and business owners. Let's keep our sidewalks safe!


Snow and Ice must be completely cleared from the entire sidewalk within the first 24 hours after any snow or ice deposit. If weather prohibits it be cleaned immediately, ice melt or sand must be placed on sidewalks until cleaned completely.

This also covers areas where there is packed snow and ice at driveways and alley way crossings.

Business owners:

The same applies as homeowners, except all sidewalks must be done by 9:00 am the next business day, by Noon the next non-business day or within 4 business hours after any snow or ice deposit, whichever period is shorter.


Make sure you convey to your tenants that they are responsible for snow and ice removal if it is in the lease, or make sure your contractors know the rules.

Snow Removal Contractors:

All snow you remove from sidewalks, alleyways, driveways and parking lots must remain on the property you are removing snow. No snow can be deposited against any fire hydrant, on any sidewalk, roadway, curb or gutter, any loading or unloading area of public transportation system or any area designated for emergency vehicles.


If the Bozeman Police Department receives a complaint of a sidewalk not cleared of snow and ice, a Compliance Officer will go to location and talk to the resident or business owner. If no one is available, a notice will be left requesting snow and ice removal by the next day. If it is not completed as requested, a contractor will be hired to remove the snow and ice, and the total cost of removal will be assessed to the property.

If You See A Problem:

Please write down the property address or block and email info to or call 582-2222

Snow Removal Rules for Bozeman
Snow Removal Rules for Bozeman

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