HOUR ONE: Vote in our KMMS Morning Soapbox Poll Question of the Day, “Do you give your pet human food?” TOPICS: Local weather, road conditions and This Day in History along with Shane’s birthday rounded out the first hour.

HOUR TWO: (Begins at 42:28) Some texters wanted information on the Hunter Biden Paternity Suit, tobacco laws go to 21 years of age to purchase, Colstrip 1 & 2 scheduled to close soon. The results of the Bozeman Magazine Reader Poll are in and — AM 1450 has been voted #1 Local Radio Station, — Tom Egelhoff has been voted #1 Most Luscious Local Radio Voice, — Tom Egelhoff has been voted #2 Favorite Local Celebrity , — AM 1450 has been voted #2 Local News Source, — Tom & Shane - KMMS have been voted #2 Local Radio DJ, — and Tom & Shane KMMS Morning Soapbox has been voted #2 Local Radio Show in the 2020 Bozeman’s Choice Reader Poll. (Click Here for all results).

HOUR THREE: (Begins at 1:278:19) Guest Don Seifert, Gallatin County Commissioner. The county is now charging for copies of documents. Tom and Don also discussed what the county had planned in the coming months. In the second half hour Tom and texters discussed how bad Trump is and Tom and a caller discussed the future of the USA.

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