The U.S. Census Bureau says we are growing. And Bozeman is growing faster than ever before.The new magic number is 45,250 people.

The Bozeman Chronicle reported that between 2015 and 2016 our population grew,  adding 1,850 new residents.

Now that is not including me. I got here in 2017. So the number must be higher today. Where I live you can hardly get to my place. They are building three new apartment complexes, and the road is filled with trucks. It looks like people who work in construction will not have to worry about no work in Bozeman

According to the Associated Press, Bozeman is the fourth biggest city in Montana right behind Billings, Missoula and Great Falls. Not only are we growing faster than other places in Montana, it's not even close. It may not be long until we are the third biggest city in Montana.

As Bozeman grows, people are starting to worry. Aren't we big enough? I have had callers on my radio show ask me that. The traffic, they complain, is getting crazy.

Growing up in New York City and Los Angeles, I smile. People in those cites would kill to have our traffic problems. But the question remains: How big is too big? What is that number? New York City is about eight million; Los Angeles is over four million.

We're growing, some people are excited about this news while others are upset.

Having lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Birmingham, Beaumont and now Bozeman, I know the exact number a city should be. The number that was perfect. Not too big, not to small. The perfect number is 500,000 people. Half a million is perfect. Of all the places I have lived, I realized that is the magic number.

So, Bozeman, we are safe. We can still increase the population another 450,000 people without worrying




(The Associate Press contributed to this story)

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