What does it mean now that Greg Gianforte is going to be Montana's next congressman? To some people they are scared. They think he is another Donald Trump. They are both honest men who love this country. Both made their money from actual work.

I still don't understand how people go to Washington D.C to become public servants and leave with 50 or 60 million in the bank. The fact that Trump and Gianforte went to Washington rich means they really, really don't need the money. They won't be corrupted to make cash.

President Trump gives his salary to different charitable causes. $400,000 a year to help people. Gianforte told me he doesn't even know what a congressman makes a year. It's almost $200,000 a year. I asked him to give it to me; he said no. He'd doesn't care about money, he wants to serve.

Both Trump and Gianforte care about America and want to put America first. That is something that many say was missing from the Obama administration. President Obama in his first few weeks as POTUS made a point of telling foreign leaders America was just like them. Our country the same as a country that kills gays and treats women very poorly. Gianforte and President Trump seem to both agree that America is better than any other country. There is something special about the "Land of the free and the home of the brave."

They both used some of their own wealth to run for office. They both have great kids that almost any parent would be proud of.

When it comes to children, they are both pro-life. The most important thing, to me, is the fact the are born leaders. Gianforte on the night of his election apologized to a reporter who he had an altercation with. That's what a leader does.

And President Trump just the other day stood in front of all the other NATO leaders and demanded they pay their fair share. He said it's not fair to the American taxpayer that we pay more to make up for some countries that pay very little. Some people where shocked. When you think about it, why should Montana pay more taxes because Great Britain isn't paying their fair share?

So yes, Trump and Gianforte are alike, and when some in the media point that out they mean it as a bad thing. To me it's a great thing. What does it mean now that Greg Gianforte is our next congressman? It means America is on its way to be great again.






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