I hate the sun. When I was a boy I am told I was always brown in the summer. With my blue eyes, blond hair and dark tan, I must have been a knockout. I don't remember any of this, but my mom told me it was true. I always remember hating the sun.

I remember when it got warm in New York City, I was teased about my white pale legs. Living in Las Vegas and California where everyone was tan, I wasn't. Why is everyone so into being tan? As an actor, when I was in a movie or television show, the makeup person just made me tan.

Bozeman, Montana is cold and the summer season is short. I have started to notice, as I walk around downtown, a lot of pale, white-skinned. People in Montana seem taller and healthier than most places. Most people here have good bodies, but now I am noticing they are pale. The problem is that people are walking around in the summer glowingly white, hoping to get darker. Plus, everyone is wearing very little clothing. So the white, pale arms, legs and chest are more noticeable.

My fellow Bozeman citizens are trying to get tan. They are walking around with exposed skin trying to soak up the sun's rays. If everyone kept their clothes on like they do in colder weather, I wouldn't even notice the paleness, and to my surprise,  I don't like it. Good-looking guys and girls don't look so good pale. This is something I don't seem to mind; people are pale.

I've been pale most of my life. Is that what my legs look like?

If people walking around lose the paleness and get a tan, it will be cold again very soon and you will have to cover up your tans with clothes. Bozeman, you don't need to walk around Main Street wearing tank tops, flip flops and shorts. You don't need to be tan. If God wanted the people of Bozeman to be tan, Bozeman would be in Florida or Nevada.

Cover up your white, moon-like skin. Cover up. Thank goodness summer will be gone soon.



aaron traylor

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