As reported today on NBC Montana television news,  an American Indian student, Zephrey Holloway, got an apology from his high school after Flathead High School would not let the student wear a graduation cap with Indian regalia when he graduated.

They were wrong. A new law based on a person's race, Senate Bill 319, lets an American Indian wear tribal feathers and regalia at graduation.

So that should be it. But I think something has happened in America, something sad and scary. Holloway's mother said they are getting calls from lawyers (American Civil Liberties Union). The high school, made a mistake. All future Indians now will be allowed to wear tribal things.

What if an Italian kid wanted to wear American Indian stuff on his or her graduation cap and gown? I ask that because when I watched this Zephrey Holloway kid on NBC news, I had no idea he was an American Indian. This whole idea of race identification bothers me. He looked like my cousin Charlie. I thought he was Italian or Spanish or Mexican.

Are high schools now going to do DNA tests? We have different laws for different races. Now, besides figuring out who is what and who can wear what and who can say the "N" word and who can't, it is very confusing. But thanks to lawyers today, not knowing that some students can do things and some can't because of their race seems un-American.

A mistake was made. Zephrey Holloway was wronged, but he didn't win the lottery. Don't take an "I'm sorry" when you can sue and make a fast $50,000. Is it the lawyers or have we in America gone sue crazy? Zephrey Holloway was not killed, he didn't lose a leg or an eye. It was a mistake.

As I watch Holloway and his mother being interviewed they seemed like they were trying to be victims. They seem to be trying not to just accept the high school's apology because it might hurt the lawsuit.

Remember the money to pay these types of lawsuits will come from your tax dollars. Can't we just accept an apology and not try to be lottery winners? Laws based on race - is that okay with Montanans?

Check out the NBC Montana story.



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