Greg Gianforte will not face a judge until June 20. Postponements are usual so this delay is not surprising. The only people I think are upset about this is the media.

Gianforte faces a misdemeanor charge for either:

A. Body slamming a reporter and breaking the reporter's glasses (Reporter's version)

B. Grabbing a reporter by the neck, body slamming the reporter, getting on top of him and punching the reporter in the face a few times (FOX News crews version)

C. Pushing a reporter's hand out of his face and falling on each other (Gianforte's statement)

Like everything these days, many people see this through political eyes. Some liberals think Gianforte should be investigated by the Congressional Ethics Committee and not be allowed to serve in Congress. Conservatives think more reporters should be body slammed because all journalists are too liberal.

Now we all have to wait a little more time to find out what really happened. How bad was this assault?

I think Gianforte is a smart guy. My advice: If I were Gianforte, who some think he is worth a billion dollars, I would want to settle out of court. Let's see, the reporter's glasses broken? Maybe $300. The cost of the ambulance that took him to the hospital? Let's say $2,000. Pain and suffering $900,000.

Offer the reporter a million bucks to settle it. Will it work? Maybe. If the reporter thinks he might get a book deal and that might lead him to a job at MSNBC. No

But if the case keeps getting pushed back, the major media might cover it. It won't be as hot a story as it is a fast million would be good.

The fact that headlines today were blaring GIANFORTE ASSAULT CHARGE POSTPONED. It's too hot now.

If this is settled out of court and charges are dropped, we will never know what really happened. The wait continues.


(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

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