The Big Sky Country State Fair is coming soon. Today on Dominick On The Air, we had on two people from the Gallatin County 4-H Club.

Kelton Jensen in in charge of 4-H youth development. The 4-H will be at the fair and members of the group will be showing their animals.

As a boy growing up in New York City the only thing I knew about 4-H was from the TV show Lassie. Timmy and his faithful collie Lassie lived on a farm and he belonged to the 4-H.  Timmy would raise a goat or a pig or something and enter it into the 4-H.

Today I finally found out what the four “H's” stood for: Head, Heart, Hands, Health

I get the head, heart and health part, but what the heck does the “hands” mean?

I have a cat and I have had a dog. I love animals, but to be honest, farm animals smell funny. I wondered how they dealt with it. Jensen explained to me that he is used to it.

Do 4-H members eat their pets? Yeah, sometimes the do. But they seem to be able to accept that. The 4-H guests explained that farm kids look at animals differently than New York City kids.

So as the Big Sky Country State Fair approaches, I am looking forward to attending. I have never been to a state fair, and I don't know what to expect.

Except, as Jensen explained to me, when I visit the 4-H area, it might smell funny, but I will get used to it.



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