The grizzly bear is not your friend. I have been reading about how the United States is lifting protections on the man-killing grizzly bear. People are saying one of the joys of coming to Montana is heading out into the woods and seeing a grizzly.

Some people are scared that hunters might start hunting them again. Let me repeat: the grizzly bear is not your friend. Is the great white shark your friend? No! They kill and eat people.

So the ruling by the Fish and Wildlife Service removing grizzlies from the protected list is a good thing. As humans we are very nice to protect them. When the animal numbers fall below a certain level, we protect them. Now there are too many bears. Time to kill a few.

If the shoe was on the other foot, grizzlies would kill as many of us as they could. You think a bear says, "We better not kill more than 50 humans today because we don't want them to go extinct."?

So today's story from the Associated Press got me thinking. So what if the grizzly bears disappear? We don't need them. We don't eat them. If they all were gone what?

What if the great white shark disappeared? Who cares? Not me. I have even heard some say hunting white sharks should stop. They might go extinct.

Some things going extinct is a good thing. Don't buy into the lie.

Would you be upset if all mosquitoes disappeared? How about skunks, scorpions, king cobras, ticks, flees, pit bulls?

So when I read that protections that have protected the man-eating killer grizzly bears which have been in place for 40 years in the Yellowstone National Park are gone. No.

I admit it, I put humans first.

Has anyone ever seen Planet Of The Apes?

(The Associated Press Contributed to this story)

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