Not talking about the CBS show about houseguests being evicted but there is something similar rearing its ugly head in Bozeman.

The City Commission, the all knowing, all protecting, Gestapo of Bozeman, is once again deciding what you can, and can’t do, with your property.

Of course I’m referring to the latest issue coming before the commission in the form of the vacation housing issue.

Vacation Housing – A Right or a Wrong?

If I want to make a few bucks renting some, or all of my personal housing to others, why should the city care?

I’m the one taking all the risks. They have no dog in the hunt.

But as usual they feel that they can see far into a future filled with negatives where you on the other hand are blind to the unintended consequences of such an unfounded venture.

Oh My God there might, maybe, theoretically, could be, a loud party at your rented home one night. The city can’t have that.

So let’s condemn everyone for the theoretical actions of a few that might never materialize.

Inspections And Fees

My home is safe for me it seems — but not for others. I don’t need a city inspection to live in my own home or even for my guests — unless I charge them.

The health department never came out to give me a rating on my kitchen.

But if I want strangers living there then the city puts on the gloves and the hoop jumping and fees begin.

Yes, according the city of Bozeman, you’re now a quasi-hotel and subject to all the legislative rules that come with that designation.

Let’s just do the right thing here and have every homeowner in Bozeman, and the surrounding area, prepare their homes for paying guests.

I mean why not just make the entire city safe instead of dwelling on that sad few that are just trying to supplement their paychecks for a few days or weeks.

Doesn’t it just make common sense to have all homes safe for guests — paid or not?

I wonder what my profit margin is after paying all the fees and jumping through all the hoops?

Bozeman Commission Out of Touch

The commission is really dropping the ball here. They’re completely out of touch with the changing world we live in.

AirBNB, Uber, online shopping, Skype, and self-driving cars are no longer reserved for the elite traveler.

Foregoing hotels is the new way to travel. Meet locals, stay in their homes and experience things you could never imagine staying in a hotel.

When a local resident finds a way to make a couple of extra bucks with no real hardship on anyone else then it’s time for the city to step up and champion the little guy.

Except in this case the little guy is the one trying to make an extra buck when and where they can without the cities blessing.

Some Final Thoughts

It never ceases to amaze me how people try to deal with an argument by resorting to hypotheticals.

There might be loud parties at some rental house; there might be parking issues in some neighborhoods. How exactly do you know those things are going to happen?

If those things present themselves often enough to create a problem then change the ordinances after the fact.

The sky is falling theory stopped working decades ago. The City Commission has always had the cry wolf mentality. No one’s listening.

I thought we were supposed to be a welcoming city to outsiders. I guess we are as long as you pay to play. And rule out loud parties.

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