On the 1450 KMMS-AM Morning Show today, Belgrade Police Chief EJ Clark acknowledged a rise in the availability of methamphetamine and heroin, not just in Belgrade but across the valley as a whole.

Chief Clark explained one of the biggest problems facing law enforcement is the transient nature of dealers.

A lot of these people, they'll rent month to month. A lot of the hotels now, they're not necessarily a let's spend the night at the hotel, lets spend a month at the hotel. So, it's hard to track those kind of people, because it's not really a residence, but they are living there and when you realize who they are and where, they're already gone to another spot.

In an effort to curb this ever moving drug trade, Chief Clark relies on the the sharing of information and cooperation of other local, state and even federal law enforcement agencies. The general public plays a big role as well.

'There's thousands of eyes out there that can help us. [Residents] see what's going on at their neighbor's house, they notice the traffic that coming in and out. Somebody's there for a minute, then gone and then a different vehicle shows up. When you're out mowing your lawn you notice that kind of thing.

Chief Clark, said.

It all comes down to the trust between the public and the police department. That one "little tidbit" of information may be the missing part of the puzzle for law enforcement.

You can contact the Belgrade Police Department at 406-388-4262 or if an emergency, call 911

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