Has this happened to you? I went to the Exxon station at Jefferson and Jack Rabbitt in Belgrade, the one with the Subway inside. And for the third time I went to fill up and slid my card, selected the grade, lifted the handle and it started at 7 cents? I had done nothing yet. Like I said this has happened to me 2 other times at this station before this. So being frustrated I went inside and told the guy working Friday afternoon what had happened, he said oh yeah, we have problems with that, there's nothing we can do about it. I said what do you mean? He said when people get gas, they turn off the pump, then squeeze the handle, and run out whats in the hose, so when the next person comes up to use the pump, when they turn on the pump, that's the cost of the gas to fill up the hose before you start. I said I didn't use it, He said oh well. So oh well huh, here I am telling everyone about the rip off, so maybe he should have given me that 7 cents. Just think about it, 7 cents times how many a day at that station, 500 people? $35 a day, $1085 a month, $13,020 a year for gas NOBODY got! And how many stations do these guys own? That's Town Pump.

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