We often joke that Bozeman tends to be a black hole for "high tier" Montana Lottery winners, but that streak was broken this month as as Bozeman got a lucky winner of $75K. (A 'high tier' winner is a prize of more than $600.)

According to the Montana Lottery website: "A winner from Bozeman claimed their winning prize of $75,000 on April 5 playing Money Maker Slingo Trio. The winner bought their winning ticket at the Town Pump on East Valley Center Rd. in Bozeman."

Not too shabby, Bozeman! It's not a ginormous Power Ball or Mega Millions jackpot but it's certainly nothing to sneeze at. (For the record, East Helena and Great Falls seem to be the state hotspots for Montana Lottery winners.) Then there are pretty big winners from towns I've never heard of:

"A winner from Melstone claimed their winning prize of $200,000 on March 31 playing Powerball. The winner bought their winning ticket at the Express Stop in Roundup." I'm assuming Melstone is somewhere near Roundup :-)

The Montana Lottery has been around since the 80s and GET THIS - on average, the Montana Lottery has paid out $62,369 EVERY DAY to winners. In addition to all the different scratch off games, Montanans can play 7 different games at lotto retailers. There's also Sports Bet Montana if you're into something a bit more focused.

The Montana Lottery has generated $302 million to benefit the State of Montana since we began in 1987. We’ve paid out more than $774 million in prizes to our winners – the vast majority of which are Montanans. On average, we’ve paid out $62,369 every single day that we’ve been in business to our winners.


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