As reported, Equifax has had a massive data breach, impacting 143 million people.

Consumers were told to to put a security freeze on their accounts. The credit reporting agencies were charging for the freeze. Attorney General Tim Fox has announced today that he is asking Equifax to reimburse fees for security freezes. Equifax has agreed to waive credit freeze fees for Montana residents

Equifax is also offering free credit monitoring services because of the breach, but Fox doesn't like that Equifax seems to be using this breach opportunity to sell services to victims.

Fox is demanding that Equifax take steps to reimburse consumers who already paid fees to completely freeze their credit.

Fox is talking to Equifax about about terms of service for using the free credit monitoring services. Listeners to Dominick In The Morning told Fox the terms of service agreement would take away the rights of users from suing Equifax.

One-third of the state’s population, 367,737 Montanans, have been affected by this breach.

Montana is also joining in on a multi-state investigation of Equifax


Fistful Of Credit
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